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The House

The Post Cottage was built in 1917 by Mrs. Soloway and her son Jack who, after a short tenure, sold the house to local auto and oil entrepreneur Henry Post and his wife Julia Clark Post. The Posts retained the house for 65 years, and it is in their name that the house continues to be identified by local residents. The Post Cottage is built in the Shingle style which is characterized by the use of cedar shingles, a large dominant roof, and an assymetrical facade and interior. The photo below shows the house as it looked in 1917. A notable interior feature is the grand central staircase, which leads to a landing, then ascends from both sides to the second floor. Interior items original to the house include a Red Comet Fire Grenade (also seen at Hyde Park the home of FDR), Deagan dinner chimes (as used on steamships and railroad dining cars), and Edison Mazda light fixtures.

The house is notable for having a spacious and open floor plan, allowing Catskill bed and breakfast guests to gather in groups, play pool, sit by the fire, or to sit to the side to read. There is ample space for meetings and groups.